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We have the largest and most select variety of restaurants in the area. Let us surprise you with culinary experiences of international stature.


RosaNegra offers an experience of haute cuisine, entertainment and extraordinary service. The unique architectural design enhances the projection of the interior space with the exterior with large wooden terraces that flow over the water and allow spectacular sunsets to be contemplated.

TORA Cancun

Located at bohemian square, the most exclusive complex in the Cancun Hotel Zone, Tora invites you to enjoy the best views and sunsets over the lagoon. Outside, the large terrace descends like a grand staircase to a large wooden deck over the water, where candlelight and comfortable lounges create the ideal environment to share and enjoy a memorable evening.

TABOO Cancun

Taboo is a Mediterranean haute cuisine restaurant, with a bohemian and sophisticated style, which combines nature with the latest minimalist design trends.


This extraordinary Italian restaurant in Cancun is distinguished by its classic dishes with a contemporary twist. Exquisite fresh homemade pasta, fish and seafood prepared with authentic Italian ingredients are the stars of this concept.
Discover an incomparable culinary experience full of flavors, aromas and ancestral recipes cooked with innovative techniques and high-quality ingredients from Italy.
Pamper your palate with the delicious "mantecatura nella ruota" pasta, accompanied by surprising cocktails from the amazing mixology that will conquer your senses.


Funky Geisha Cancun is located in Bohemian Square, an impressive complex within the destination's hotel zone. From the entrance through a tunnel through the mangrove, to the restaurant on the lagoon, its magical and natural environment will surprise your senses, along with its food menu and artisanal mixology. 
Funky is a place that invites you to have fun, to have a good time by the Nichupte lagoon with its incredible sunsets and a percussion show that will captivate your senses and invite you to enjoy dishes full of infinite nuances, spices and aromatic flavors, which will transport you throughout the authentic Asian culture.


Chambao is a restaurant specializing in exclusive cuts of meat, located in the Bohemian Square complex in the Cancun hotel zone.

Its spaces converge between gastronomy, art and entertainment, creating an intimate and seductive environment on the shore of the Nichupté lagoon. An encounter between nature and sophistication.

Discover a gastronomic journey with the most exclusive cuts of meat and the finest selection of fish and shellfish, accompanied by cocktails that intrigue and delight.

Explore your culinary paradise with our Dry Aged in House, carefully aged meats, Japanese Beef Reserve con Kobe and Wagyu , as well as our Butcher's Boutique, a specialty store where you can buy the finest cuts.


The nights of partying and seduction are here to stay.

Confessions Cancún is a bar & lounge located at Bohemian Square, an impressive complex on the Nichupté lagoon, ideal to let yourself be enveloped by its wild and eclectic atmosphere.

Its menu of international tapas and mixology created with natural infusions will captivate your senses and make your visit an unforgettable experience.

Live the wild side of the night and let yourself be seduced by its exotic spaces and vibrant beats by our Resident DJ.


Mamazzita es un exclusivo restaurante de comida mexicana gourmet, ubicado en el complejo Bohemian Square en la zona hotelera de Cancún , with incredible views of the Nichupté lagoon.
The entertainment nights at Mamazzita Cancun are dressed in colors and great moments, with their Salsa Nights and live music sets that will make you dance and fall in love with various Latin and Mexican rhythms.
Mamazzita es un concepto de Fine Dining en Cancún que reinventa la cocina tradicional para ofrecer platillos mexicanos reimaginados con ingredientes exclusivos in an atmosphere of incomparable flavors, colors and music.
A gourmet Mexican restaurant in Cancún that will surprise you with its culinary creations and extraordinary signature mixology prepared with a wide variety of distillates, such as mezcal and tequila.

Harry´s Cancun

Harry´s Prime Steakhouse & Raw Bar is a unique concept in Mexico, with presence in Cancun, Acapulco, CDMX and Playa del Cármen. The specialty is meat and seafood that day after day exceeds the expectations of a strict public, always in search of an exceptional culinary experience.
The meticulous care of the details, the exceptional service and the special attention to the selection of each ingredient, is what distinguishes its culinary proposal.

Porfirio´s Cancun

Tradition, passion and excellence. It is the version of a contemporary Mexico that breathes greatness.
Su cocina recreates the most exquisite Mexican delicacies, respecting the flavors of yesteryear and adding a creative touch of daring combinations and carefully selected ingredients, bringing the best FROM THE STREET TO YOUR TABLE.
Porfirio's is Mexico reinvented.

Bagatelle Tulum

Enjoying brunch, lunch or dinner at Bagatelle is like being invited into the home and table of an epicurean bon vivant from the Côte da Azur.

The food at the table is sophisticated, generous and authentic. All the dishes on the table are intended to be shared with family and friends, in a festive and pleasant atmosphere.

Bagatelle is a contemporary French Mediterranean restaurant founded in 2008.

Bak by Harry´s Tulum

BAK by Harry´s  is a celebration of the culture and wisdom that surrounds us, generating a completely new imagery that accompanies our essence and honors the close relationship between culture and haute cuisine.
A whole sensory experience immersed in a mystical environment. A culinary proposal that offers the best cuts of meat in the world, as well as some of the most exotic treasures found under the sea.
Located in the heart of the Hotel Zone of Tulum, with an environment where nature has a stellar role, accompanied by unparalleled service, creating a hypnotic place in the middle of the exuberant jungle.


CAO Cancun

CAO, de Tierra y de Mar, is a place of conviviality, a place where good friendships and lasting ties are honored, a sophisticated and timeless space where meals become dinners and where dessert is the beginning of your experience.
With a menu inspired by the best recipes from the north of the country, our culinary proposal includes various appetizers, unique cuts of meat and fresh preparations from the sea that will delight anyone.


Let yourself be surprised by a menu with creative combinations and innovative recipes that you can accompany with signature cocktails.
Discover an extraordinary steakhouse where the presentation of each dish was designed to enhance flavors, textures and aromas. Chambao is a concept specialized in cuts of meat, with an exclusive selection from Japan, the United States and Australia. 
Chambao is an Andalusian word that refers to a rustic space, made with palm leaves and wooden sticks. This is the inspiration behind the creation of this concept that was born in Tulum evoking magical and seductive sensations, with the bohemian and relaxed style that characterizes the destination.
Discover our boutique of exclusive cuts, a true paradise for meat lovers.
Los expertos carniceros podrán guiarte a través de nuestra gran selección de Kobe Beef, Wagyu, Takamori y_8df6fbcc- 43d3-3d99-a511-2eb009ed8a2d_Omi Beef, as well as Black Angus cuts from Creekstone Farms and our Dry Aged 28-day house-infused meat. Chambao has the Kobe certification that validates the sale and distribution of the cuts in its restaurants.

Confessions Tulum

Delight yourself with our underground DJs who mix the best of house and electronic music. Every night from Thursday to Saturday enjoy the beat of our international DJs and experience the secret nights of Tulum.
Confessions Tulum is located in the center of the hotel zone, surrounded by an exuberant natural jungle, with a unique design designed to create a sense of unity with nature.
The decoration based on rustic wood, candles and handmade fabrics, is surrounded by the powerful mystical energy of the Mayan jungle, in total harmony with the environment.

Funky Geisha Tulum

Asian food has reached all corners of the world giving color, variety and flavor to numerous dishes that are also healthy, with a great role for vegetables and high-quality proteins. Enjoy these benefits and the best of Chinese, Thai and Japanese food in Tulum.

A space in nature, surrounded by palm trees and decorated in an oriental style, full of magical corners. The decoration is bohemian with natural materials such as reclaimed wood, wicker, bamboo and stone. A rustic simplicity that allows energy to flow in and out into nature.

It also has a space to relax and enjoy with friends; with low rustic wooden tables, comfortable puffs, oriental rugs and traditional cushions, where you can enjoy the latest in conceptual music, played by the resident DJ

Ilios Cancun

Ilios honors the many nuances of traditional Greek gastronomy by taking cuisine from all regions of Greece to a new level of elegance and sophistication amid décor inspired by the conspicuous landscape and rugged beauty of Greece.
An oasis of modern Mediterranean cuisine influenced by Greek food and culture, a place where Mediterranean gastronomy converges with good taste, representing the best that Greek culture has to offer.
Enjoy the passion and flavor of Mediterranean cuisine at its best, genuine dishes that will delight the most demanding palates thanks to our authentic Mediterranean flavor, our culinary offer forms a hymn to the variety and seasonality inherent in Greek cuisine.

Karma Tulum

Dine while watching the amazing sunset.
A la carte dinner  with iconic mixology in a 3-story Treehouse experience in the jungle of Tulum! The most amazing nest dinner experience.
Enjoy the iconic mixology, the best rhythms and food in Tulum.
Honoring the magic and mysticism of the land where KARMA was born, the concept, design, food and beverages pay homage to Mother Nature and provide a healthy experience for each guest.
With a unique menu and creative mixology, using the best
ingredients and paying special attention to the endemic ones,
Karma is the best place to enjoy the atmosphere of Tulum.

Macario Tulum

Macario presents an ode to Mexican haute cuisine, reinterpreting its flavors, smells and textures in culinary works of art_8df6fbcc-43d3-3d99ed8a009-a511-2indication that will transport you to of an ancient culture that knew how to extract the best that mother earth had to contribute and transform it into sumptuous creations recognized today worldwide.
Located in the hotel zone of Tulum, Macario boasts contemporary baroque architecture, inspired by the unique essence of Mexico, a vast country of dogmas and doctrines dating back centuries. Creating the perfect conjunction between the jungle, indigenous culture and chic.
Eating is a biological act; Cooking is a cultural act. Our cuisine is a perfect representation of this culture.

Mamazzita Tulum

Mamazzita Tulum is an exceptional culinary concept located in the most exclusive area of Tulum, surrounded by jungle and natural mangroves. With a unique design designed to merge with nature and reflect the magical essence of Mexican culture.
This is the perfect place to enjoy the best gourmet dinner in Tulum in a sophisticated and colorful atmosphere.

Parole Tulum

Parole Ristorante is a vintage space with rustic and sophisticated interior design, nestled among the jungle vegetation in the hotel zone of Tulum.

Parole is the best seafood restaurant in Tulum, an unprecedented culinary experience with a classic and modern Italian touch that will enchant your senses.

Taste exquisite classic Italian dishes such as house-made pastas, our famous Fettuccine Carbonara prepared at the table, the exceptional burrata and the specialty: selectos fish and seafood from various parts of the world prepared in an extraordinary way.

Explore the delicacies of our menu such as la langosta Bogavante, King Crab with a contemporary Colossal touch, elaborated with an avant-garde touch Colossal Tiger, King Crab . Accompany your best moments at Parole with craft cocktails and a select cellar of sophisticated wines.

Parole is an Italian restaurant in Tulum with a romantic atmosphere, perfect for an unforgettable evening full of exquisite flavors and unrepeatable moments, without a doubt an unmissable destination thanks to its nights party and fun with live shows, the talented violinist and the vibrant beats of the resident DJ.

Rosa Negra Tulum

RosaNegra Tulum is the most successful gastronomic concept of this heavenly destination with a rustic, natural and bohemian style; its menu inspired by Latin American culture pays tribute to countries such as Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina.

Parota furniture, swings, hand-woven rugs and large handmade lamps that fill each space with light and warmth, bathed in a glamorous minimalism that honors traditional crafts, stand out in its design.

The rustic yet sophisticated atmosphere of RosaNegra® Tulum is enlivened with exclusive DJ music, accompanied by dim lighting with candles, and a bongo show, which give life to an atmosphere full of energy, awakening that Latin passion for living. and enjoy life.

Taboo Tulum

Taboo Tulum, Beach Club & Restaurant, was born as a meeting point with nature and the true meaning of life, preserving that bohemian and rustic air of Tulum, which takes us to a past full of magic and mystery, strongly connected to nature. , to the earth and to the elements that constitute the universe.

A wide sandy beach facing the sea, large multi-level terraces with incredible views and the best Mediterranean restaurant, offer a comprehensive life experience, full of flavors, parties, cocktails and the most tempting dishes.

Tantra Tulum

Tantra is a restaurant and beach club in Tulum, with a bohemian but sophisticated style. Located in the most chic area of the Hotel Zone, it offers beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise waters, with refined comforts and luxury services.

Its design inspired by Balinese architecture has organic elements such as shells, ropes and bamboo, as well as rustic finishes with stone and wood that emphasize the relaxing and seductive atmosphere of this paradisiacal place.

The luxurious zen atmosphere offers premium lounging areas for all who seek a unique experience, be it sunning on a sun lounger, eating in the beach cabana or simply enjoying a cocktail with friends by the pool.

The Tantra experience is a celebration of life in its most authentic form, which invites you to unforgettable gastronomic experiences by the sea, in an atmosphere of fascinating parties; flooding all the senses through personalized services that are perfectly combined.

Tora Tulum

Located in the most chic sector of the Hotel Zone of Tulum, it was designed with a more rustic, natural and bohemian style, showing maximum care and respect for the environment, where natural plants play an essential role in the design. Its organic ceilings, large handmade lamps and its imposing bar and robata made of natural parota wood, fill this space with light and warmth.

In accordance with Japanese tradition, the deep-rooted respect for nature and the exquisite taste for minimalism are reflected in every detail of the design, enveloping us in a relaxing yet sophisticated atmosphere, which is enlivened every night with the exclusive music of Resident DJ.

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